Nyu (cinabar) mine


Tokio, 29 de abril 2012 L. Rabasco

The Nyu mining area is located in the centre of a large tectonic fault. About two kilometers before arrival the town we can see the abandoned stone quarry. Here the sedimentary sands stratus remain inclined to the North side and under the lava flux.

Ancient cinnabar mine in Nyu from about 600 years ago. The mercury found in this mine was large employed for example in the great Nara´s Budda construction. The mine was abandoned in the pass century and now Its part integrated in a natural space area. The galleries remain under water for cooling the toxic gases.

Above 30Km south, in Taiki County, we found the limestone (limonite-chert) mine in Aso village with occasionally springs water and Iron´s sulphur.