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The Lake Myagase is a magnificent place to enjoy a relaxing day surrounded by the natural landscape. The place is not so far from cities Tokyo and Yokohama. Many outdoors activities can be done here, but for curiosity people on mineralogy, there is a special stone to see: The Green of Celadonite.

Tanzawa mountains


About 1780 the mineral Celadonite was described and been called the green land (terra green or Grunerde) but this name was in use also for the Glauconite. In the antiquity, it was used extensively by the Romans as pigment. Later, in the middle ages, it was used as solution for the painting. The name Celadonite was adopted in 1847. His other name is Veronite.

You can see this mineral stuck to the Amethyst Geodes outer surface . Chemical and Crystallography, this is a monoclinic complex Phyllosilicate: K(Mg,Fe+2)(Fe+3,Al)Si4O10(OH)2.


Thanks to the Myagase Visitors Center